Friday, December 08, 2006

the departed

We always feel guilty of what we've done to the person after they're gone. True, it always happens. Happened to me when my late dad passed away 2 years back in december, around this month.

He wasn't that bad, he didn't smoke, drink or gamble. He provided us with all our needs, he was concern with our well being, our education etc. Yet he has one weakness, it is that he is short tempered, he scolds easily, making us afraid of him at times.

Yet we understood that he was a sick man (maybe sometimes using that sickness to cover up is not the way) and truly we understand (medication can make ppl flare easier). He passed away at 55 years, an age when people still look forward to having white hairs and sitting on a wheel chair and playing chess. Well he didn't got all those, and he even knew he could not last long, so much so he bought a new Vios one fine day without my mum knowing. She was shocked and utter speechless, coz usually he will discuss with her about buying cars, this time he did not. And ya after a few weeks he was gone, due to complications in kidney failure.

Life, we appreaciate less a person who is still alive, especially our love ones. It is till the day that they are gone, then you'll understand how much their presence mean in our lives.

Take my dad, after he was gone, mum kept saying that the house doesn't feel the same anymore, it is so much more quiet without dad. I felt it too, where I don't hear Wah Lai Toi been on everyday, I don't hear someone on that same chair on the corner looking at the TV or reading newspaper anymore. I don't get to talk to him anymore. It all felt rather, strange.

Value and appreaciate your parents. Don't wait till they are gone to do something. Even giving them the best funeral money can buy, won't be able to compare with all the love you can give them while they are still alive.

My family photo^. May you rest in peace dad. A tribute to the man.



Irene said...

Hiyaz. Nice entry...thanks for sharing. We always take our parents for granted and subconsciously think they're gonna live forever. Which is sad when they're gone before us. But you still have your mum. Give her more your time..

And just so you know, you don't need to wait till you're over 50 to play chess..


David said...

hi irene, thanks for the comment.

ya agree with you. Many do not know how to appreaciate their parents till its too late.

that's what I'm doing with my mum now, learn to treat her better and appreaciate what she's done.

Ya of course, we don't need to wait to 50 to play chess, ahahaha...