Monday, December 18, 2006

Daniel's b'day

Passed up the fyp exactly today...

Then slept like so teh uncountious type for an hour... nap zzz. Woke up bath then take public transport to catch Michelle (lime lemon). Was hoping for a great birthday ahead but ended up did not enjoy much of it...

Met her...she had some parking problem (her fren fetched her) and we ended up at Kim Gary and had our "lunch" (it was 5pm lunch :x) and then went shopped for the "gift" and ended up buying a pet (guinea pig, brown and extremely cute for RM38) hehe... we were happy that he was really delighted with the gift.

But what was dissapointing was the fact my ex was there too, and it felt rather strange and awkward. We both were like sitting on separate tables and ignored each other. I was hoping to at least talk or say hi...but it didnt worked out that way. As time passed, I felt so uncomfortable as I didn't know anyone there except Michelle, and it was the same case with her too. (and imagine if I were to follow her car back, Daniel told me she was the one easiest in fetching me back T.T)

Finally, I decided to follow her to clubbing, so we went, ya but was kinda shocked seeing her friends... they are urm.. "really wild".

Had some drinks there and everything was cool(free that's why, someones paying) and nice except the end where.. I had to pay rm35 to take a taxi myself home, reason was? it was not on the way for her friends (I'd rather think that I was not a girl with a hole and that's why they were giving excuses, as according to the taxi driver which was a nice guy who took me back...) Ok, my first and the last of tagging along with her friends... :x

KL life, you get to see it all if you are daring enough, but dont get influenced or you might just throw your whole life away getting spoilt and corrupted. Learn to say no or avoid stuff that are wrong, that's the moral of it.

Still, I regretted whole on whole of not asking who else was going for his birthday... Next time, remember to check the list of friends who are going on a birthday... getting lost there is really... unpleasant.

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