Monday, December 18, 2006

Planetshakers conference

A friday to look forward to...finally having the project off my hands (due date was today, but somehow ended up passing up on the next day, ahha XD, story below...). So ya was looking forward to the last day of planetshakers concert in sunway. Was rushing my project like mad finishing up the parts that remain.. (you can imagine if I were to tell you after binding it the "book" was like 97 pages). And the thing is, I didn't know we had to pass up 2 copies! So ya I typed everything and complete it at 4.30pm where Roy was already halfway bugging me trying to tell me time is about to run out... :X

Finally, done, ran to the comp lab, printed the first copy and stumbled upon Hui Chin, who was also printing (we had to share the printer adn hers was 67+ pages, well nvm in the end it wasn't her that caused me to pass up the next day). Once done, binded the first copy adn though why not I submit one first.... So happily I walked into SCT and passed it up to the lady in charged and she said (it was already 5.40pm):"I'm sorry but you need two copies, alltogether complete and handed together at once..." Then I mentioned I only had one CD, and asked if she could wait for me to burn the other... she said:"Boy, listen, come back tomorrow, I have a lot of plans today and its friday..." So okayyyy, I have no choice but to take the next day, same with the case of Hui Chin, she forgot to bring another CD T.T

Was sighing when I walked back, was so so hoping to pass it up that day itself, but thank god she said the marks won't be cut(later stumbled upon rajesh and he told me the same thing, it is normal he said..)

So took a quick bath and went for planetshakers, and it was cool. Hving to meet lumae after like, 2 years? lol. She changed a lot, so did I, ahha. Was glad to meet she and her friend, Kirstin (hope I got the spelling right :x). We shopped around and ended up at KFC which I treated them to a dinner. At first it was kinda awkward, but well she's still lumae! ahha.... enjoyed that night...

Planetshakers was always rocking, the song they sang, the jumps they have, the sermons (the pastor was real funny) and got myself a PS T-Shirt, real cool..

On the way back with Roy, stumbled(many people I stumbled today after fyp, o.O) upon Khalil and George who was like... going for a drink! So they said they are waiting for Steven adn invited me and Roy along, since it's been hard for us to go out together after they were all graduates and working in KL... So ya we went to Sri Hartmas (since George said the place sell drinks real cheap..) We practically had to walk around choosing a place to drink!! ahahaha finally settled down at blackhole, ya I was the most drunk among them, was crapping and laughing the most, but it was memorably funny lol...

Finally reached home and slept at 4am =)

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