Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Home and thinking hard

Dunno what happened to the job market... super hard to get a job now (and wondering is my studies in IT all for nothing? not enough technical studies issit?)

each time I head to an interview, it will be about technical skills...

-do you know .net?

-SQL? Oracle?

-the job will be dealing with telco systems such as (...)

-what are your skills in IT?

^above all points to technical.

IT is all about it. Looking back, I realize it was all due to the mistake I did last time in college for not taking up computer science, as I was too scared about it... (programming and such after listening to ppl complain). Thinking back I was really a fool. If I would take the harder path, looking for a job now would be so much easier. (even networking major would be easier to find a job)

So to all IT students who haven't choose their major... always go for a technical major, (networking, comp science, soft engineering etc) Try settling for the easier path and you'll find yourself regretting it
. (multimedia, business IS, information technology etc)

And ya...always go for a good uni(if possible overseas) to complete your studies. Sunway I can testify, is not one of them. APIIT will be the best in Malaysia... Inti and Tar College is kinda good. And others too... I guess the local universities such as UM, USM will be a good place too as they are with a certain value (just make sure you boost your English).

Now I'm at home...hoping at some point some recruiter will take notice of my plus sides and gimme a chance to prove myself. I won't give up so soon... at least not yet.

I know what I am capable of... And I believe one day I will finally get the chance to prove myself.

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licia said...

monash also good!
hahahahhaa.. dun regret ler.. at least u met nice friends in sunway =P
and also get to polish up ur dota skills.. nyahahha,,