Sunday, May 17, 2009

killing a cat...

I've killed a cat accidentally yesterday.

I was on my usual way home after having dinner nearby, which out of nowhere the cat came running from the right side. As I stepped on my break (well maybe not hard enough), it stared at me with a stunned face, and next thing I knew, I ran over it.....

It shriek, with a high pitched cat scream, as I heard thumps under my car while it sped across it... 

I was stunned, as this was my first time hitting a cat. 

I murdered another living being, of all things: A cute, furry, domestic animal. If it was a mouse, or a fly, or an ant, I wouldn't mind killing it as they are a pest if they do come in contact with me and bothering me.

But this was a cat... 

And, it was cute. 

How would you feel if you hit and killed a cute cat? 

A similiar pic (a white cat with black spots, actually mine was a half kitten >.<) :

I just took a life away, and I hope God will have a place for it in heaven.

Hope this sort of bizarre incident won't happen again.. o.O

Imagine if that was a human life by accident... >.<"""""

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