Tuesday, May 19, 2009

fell and hit the right side of my head

Today was a tragedy, I accidently fell and hit the right side of my head. Of all places, the bathroom. (due to the fact that I forgot to brush the floor every now and then, causing leftovers of soap thus making it slippery)

At first all was OK, I thought. I did not passed out, just pain. Drove to work as usual. Did my job as usual...

Till I felt a throbbing pain now and then again during work. A pain so irritating and deep on the right side of my head till it pisses me off. I couldn't concentrate on work, till I went googled brain injury all over the place:



The terms scared me, as for the first time in my life after banging my head the pain lasted almost 6 hours. It was almost 12pm noon that time, and the time the incident happened was at 6am.

I told my colleagues, whom they told me to consult the doctor at the company's clinic. So ok, I thought, better check than to be sorry later.

I went down stairs, met the nurse (quite pretty actually haha), she diagnosed me: asked me to rest for 10 minutes before taking blood pressure, checked my eyes movement with a torchlight, gave me a pill before asking me to rest... (she did questioned me too why I didn't went straight to a doc for checkup? Reason: I thought it was a normal bang on the head)

Wow scary, how come so complicated?? And the worst part is after all that, she said that the only way to really confirm the diagnose is to do a scan at the clinic or hospital. (as the doc was not in the company clinic that time)

So I went, with my supervisor (thanks Lim and Allyssa) and we went to this stupid Mendivironclinic at PJ (sorry not all Mendiviron clinic are stupid just this particular one) which delayed our time by half an hour just for a referral to Assunta Hospital. The doc was pretty crap there too without really checking and saying my head did not swell too (the previous nurse said it swelled).

Checked with ING, didn't have coverage... insured plan was v low only for general clinic usage and hospitilisation, checking no.... My superior was pissed, I wasn't as I thought fine just use my personal medical card then (Great Eastern).

Went with Calvin to Assunta Hospital (the person who helped me purchase my GE insurance earlier) and did a checkup (thanks pal appreciate it) with the GP (general practitioner). He mentioned that I have to do a CAT scan before he can confirm anything (owh so how die die also have to scan... head injuries are so complicated x.x )

Once scanned, the tough part was the fact that I needed to wait another 2 hours for the results to be known. I asked Calvin to drove me back to office first, just show me the way and I will come back to collect it myself. I promised that I will inform him and the rest when I get the results.

So I managed to come back although with some slight dizziness (since 10am) and parked my car. Saw the doc and got the scan, he said everything was all right, no internal injuries, no blood clot, no fracture etc. He gave me a few pills and painkillers to take for later.

I was RELIEF... as I really thought it was gonna be serious till I need to be warded, go through surgery and stuff. Even thought of death in all that...

So touch wood, I'm ok now. What a day right? Went through all that shit. I reach home at 6 + pm, after bath and all that I took a nap, and almost couldn't wake up till 9pm. (I think the injury cause that) After which I went for dinner and now I'm back updating the whole incident.

A lot of my colleagues SMS me and asked how am I, how was the scan?...Replied all of them that I'm ok and that I'm still alive =D I've posted the title in Facebook as well and got loads of reply back. Thanks for all you guys and gals' concern, you've touched me =)

Below is the CAT scan image:

Another weird thing to blog about. But definitely a "must-blog".

I thank God it's not my time yet, as I still have so many things to do and see in life. During the time I thought of death today, I saw how my life sped by, how many things I could have done better, utilized my time better, treating others better, and how much is there in the world to do, to see...

It sort of changed me, to actually think you are that close to the fact of dying, and yet survived to live another day. How will you live your life from then on?

I guess everything happens for a reason, and this taught me quite much... =)

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