Tuesday, May 05, 2009


sorethroat till you lost your voice... 

remember how that feels? when suddenly you turned to a squeaky 80 year old. 

Got it today, had to apologize to my customers for losing my voice. All because I didn't want to take the MC... if I did I would have rest and recovered fully the next day.

"hold on david, it's tough times now and u know it."

And I wrote a prayer:

"Dear God, may you give me the strenght to continue on my journey. As it is still long, with many unpredictables on the way. Show me your light so that I won't be blinded, that I'll be able to make it home safely with you one day...

Give me the grace to live a soldier in Christ, as when troubles and testing comes, that I may learn to face them with courage, truth and preserverance. Bless those around me, my friends, my collegues, my family. That I'll learnt to love them like how you taught us to love.

Grant that I may not give up, but to continue living with hope, knowing that you are there beside me each day, and that I have nothing to fear. Even in the darkest hours, you will be with me, holding me, encouraging me. As you understand my every suffering on earth, in this world... 

And yes I am a sinner, and I pray you will make me a better person as each day pass. As I grow older and weaker, I lean on to you, my rock. Without you, I would be a different person as I am today.... your percepts and words taught me about life, made me realize how much men have failed you, yet you continued to love them and did not gave up on them. To give yourself on the cross, so that we may have life. 

I thank you all for your blessings, your help, and your kindness. Without you I would be much poorer in spirit and soul. Without you many of my sufferings would be many folds worse. Without you I would have wander, lost and alone.

Thank you God.


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