Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tony Roma's Sunway Pyramid

Had dinner with a friend to celebrate her belated birthday at Tony Roma today....

The food was pretty expensive but it was good... the menu they had:

I had rib eye steak... it was good, but just barely enough. The management says that the supplier for the beef has slack as it was a new supplier and that the previous had given more portion for raw beef... The waitress talked alot... like ALOT... till it made me uncomfortable =.=... well at least she likes her enthusiasm... yet for me i find the waitress abit too overboard. (c'mon i'm eating here... i don't need a waitress to keep coming to me to keep me entertained... zzz)

Anyhow, I am happy that she had a great dinner. =) As I did not had the time to get her presents and it was already pretty last minute... 

Gonna send her to work near Times Square tomorrow... she do not have transport and I don't want her to get the risk of anything happening by taking public transportation THE FIRST TIME.. >.<>

She is a great friend... and I guess for best is to keep that going... (won't explain how I feel inside of me... ) 

Happy belated Birthday...


(the reason why i keep ppl's name in disclosure is due to privacy and confidentiality concerns... just playing safe here... ^^ )

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Anonymous said...

nice pics and food.
see ya, jogets