Saturday, January 10, 2009

helping a friend...

I went to evelyn's condo yesterday night, to assist her in finishing her exam paper template for the resit students. One of the lecturer in her company left (due to low pay) and she had to fill the void. So in a short notice the principle there gave her the task to redo the exam paper for the failed students (the lecturer that left is the teacher).

She didn't had a laptop, thus I went there and helped her out. Typed for her the whole exam paper (which involves beautician machines etc, steaming, facial paradic etc duno wth am I typing @@ )... we manage to wrap it up at 12 am. Suggested some questions that can be created for the subjective and we took some questions from past papers as well.

She is a beautician at Clara. Got to know her sometime from Roy (which ditched me for some stupid reason and due to jealousy with me going out with her...which is absolutely stupid coz we had been friends for 3 years and he just end it up like that in the name of ego).

She can only quit from the company this August (quitting earlier would involve a high penalty). And she is underpaid. Sigh, companies nowadays, trying to save cost? Thus explains the lack of manpower and she needing to fill in the other person's role.

Hope she can get a good job soon.. will be praying for her.

So people, value the good jobs you have. And those looking for jobs, don't simply sign for one without studying whether is it worth it? as once you are down the floor there is only more commitment... is the pay worth it? The environment? The politics? The people there? The things you learn and do?

You'll only regret much once you get the wrong job. Don't let companies fooled you, they are damn smart asses, especially those that are not making a huge profit in the market. They'll only slice more of what they can from you yet adding you more work.

Life... is never easy once you start working. Zzz...

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