Saturday, October 31, 2009

Expensive Tooth Treatment

just pulled out my Molar tooth (beside the wisdom)...

and the pain is killing me again, softly...

blood all over the cotton in my mouth, YUUCKK!!

gosh i hate visiting the dentist, any of you feeling the same way?

All becoz earlier my wisdom bang it, till got a huge cavity there. The doc tried to patch it up 8 months back but the hold/damage was too big. Need to do some expensive Root Canal treatment which is not guranteed but costs a bomb.

Dentist nowadays...haih

compare the price below

Malaysia - root canal with Specialist, RM1800-2000

Singapore - SGD300 (x2 is 600+ RM)

My sis brought her maid there as she is going through the same thing as well, so cheap!!! =.="

meaning to say Malaysia likes to cut throat, when is the government gonna do something about it?

Sorry for always shooting the government, but i feel they are not being proactive in solving all these everyday Rakyat's problem. Instead they LOVE looking into ambitious projects, attracting investors, build this and that etc...

SIMPLE things like Inflation also they could not handle well, how are they gonna win support of the people with all this big bang things? When people are crying out everyday with overspending, low wages, being overworked etc?

BN BN... when are u gonna wake up from your slumber. You are being left behind compare to the developed nations of the world.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the details on your blog.

May I know where in Singapore, your sis had the root canal treatment done for your maid? Mail me at Thanks.