Monday, July 31, 2006

weekends was awesome

I love weekends, it's something I look forward to during my internship.

Last weekend, I went and spent a night at my gf's place. Slept with her brother and played lotsa PS2 with them on Saturday. Supposed to go out shopping, but ended up we were all too tired and rest at home instead. I went back on Saturday night and gosh...alrite maybe not so awesome, my wall is leaking water from the side! Coming from the bathroom I guess...which took me 2 hours clearing my stuffs underneath my bed as it is all soaking wet...each time someone bathes, the floor turns wet again...Ok so it was the not so awesome part ;P

Yet, Sunday I went out with Poh for his Rite of Acceptance as a cathecumen in my church. It was an honour as it was my first time becoming a sponsor for someone. Poh and me have been roomates for months, and he was touched to be a Catholic after visiting my church only once! Praise God. Currently he's in RCIA, hope his faith stays strong always...

Sunday afternoon was movies with Sheryl. We saw this not-so-really-evil-ghost-story sorta movie call Dorm. It is rather a good-casper-like-ghost-story. Lol. But it was worth it, only scary at the beginning and later on as it unfolds, the ghost is actually a good hearted one and died of an accident...he later met with a boy who became his friend, yup a boy that can actually see him while the rest can't. So the story unfolds where his mystery is reveal and a journey to help the ghost reach his end journey, re-incarnation...

Was really touching, really...I recommend it to everyone, as it has a deep moral value. And can even make you cry...Such a friendship!


“I still remember very well, the first time I left home…”

“I was 12 and studying in 7th grade. In the middle of the semester, I was un-riotously transferred to a new boarding school…the reason…to be away from home…to get away from my father. You might be curious about this, but I am not surprised because it is only me who knows his secret.”

“Being transferred in the middle of a semester is really cruel. I have to get used to new classes and a new dorm that does not feel like home, and the worse part is, the new bed that I'm sleeping on, who knows how many people slept on it before me.”

“I feel really lonely here. I don't really have any friends except one. We like to sneak out and play at the playground behind the school. For years there has been this rumor floating around that there used to be a pool here, where children used to swim during the weekends, but was closed. The rumor is it's because a kid drowned!”

“Do you believe in this old school's tale?”

“I know a secret and if you promise not to tell anyone, I will tell you… “

Weekends was great. Thanks alot Sheryl!

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