Friday, July 28, 2006

my new avatar

My new avatar in kbox...i'm loving it lol lol


Hope to see my gf today. Missing her like crazy. Life in Intel well, up and down as usual. Today got a bit of a lecture from ching yee, my supervisor on not attending the meeting at 7am today. It's not like I didn't want to, but I'm just an intern coming to make introductions? And at 7am? Even my sis was complaining, is it necessary?

Anyway, will be careful, can see that she was upset about it.


Gonna visit my gf's place and maybe sleep over. Gonna be my best weekend ever spending time at her place. Such a nice family to hang out I wish I have one too. I look forward to repay thier kindness with gratitude one day, just owe them so much.

Love ya dear!


Ricky Tan said...

tat mouse rox XD

David said...

lol...ganas sial...i'm lovin it XD

sheryl said...

yer~~ur avatar.... *...*