Wednesday, July 12, 2006


As I grow older, time seems to become less and less, things that I've loved to do once, slowly seems to slipped away, examples are gaming, creating userbars for people, forumming like everyday without miss, etc.

Now another era of my age is coming, work. Having it taking so much of my time, seems like all those previously liked activities have to be sacrificed. Taken away...Even if I had the chance to do it, it wouldn't be much, or just mediocre of it. I miss college days, where after class, it would be doing those stuff except during the times I'm with assign and exams. Going out with friends, yumcha, sigh. Miss it lots.

Working is one, what's next? Marriage? Kids? Can't imagine. As one grows older, so does his responsibilities grow.

Moral is, enjoy it when you're young, coz, you never get a second chance when it slips away.

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