Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Didn't write much on the time I spent with her. Owe her one for insisting on going on a movie on Saturday, when actually I'm not feeling well =P

Ended up resting in her house and all of them cancelling the plan the last minute. But she really took care of me, giving me water and medicine and even a bed to rest.

Thanks so much sweetie. =)

Looking forward to the week ahead, will take good care of myself, promise.


SheRyL_b@b3 said...

my honey.. how r u these days?? feeling better rite?? u know wat, tht day i was so worried bout u!!! n now u know how to take care urself adi har?? u promised..
i miss u so much~~!!!!

with luv,

David said...

yes I will. Always. Love u!

Princess Sheryl said...

baby~~ i'm so sorry~~ today i canceled the plan.... maybe we can make it on other day lor.. bout tomolo... i think i only can meet u after 12... i'm so sorry~~ i din plan properly b4 i promise u something..hope u wont angry~

David said...

it's ok dear. We did meet anyway. =)