Wednesday, July 19, 2006

missing someone and akmal's fairwell

miss my gf alot. She seems to be v busy in assign and not even sms-ing each other.

Well maybe I'm just thinking too much. Things are ok I guess.


Today, a day where I gave up on the text formatter application. It won't work it seems, even with the help of two brilliant guys like Waqar and Farhan, the thing just wouldn't work. It's a migration from access to sql, and really isn't as easy as it seems.

I just wanna be over with my internship...had enough.


Looking forward to the weekends...I just love it when it's Friday, back to my own home sweet home apartment. Life's great there.

Photo of today's meal with Azmal, who is leaving tomorrow due to contract expiring. Gonna miss him. (the food there at Kyoko japanese restaurant, Puchong is just great, look at the pics below and you'll know why)


sheryl said...

baby!! i love sushi so much!!!! in puchong?? next time bring me there yah~~hehe

David said...

can can...errm if I can remember the place...puchong so big! @_@

Kukyo...must remember...quite affordable though the food there. And nice too ^^