Thursday, July 13, 2006

Test, work and living on my own...

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I'm a Dynamic Analyst.


Another boring day at work, I really think my supervisors looked down on me, probably I'm less the technical person that they think I am. I'm not given any task, except to learn at my desk. And it seems hard to learn programming by yourself all alone.

Gee, should have join my other friends who are in Infortech, near Pyramid there. They're having a great time working there and learning alot everyday.

I hate being idle, seriously, it just bores the hell outta me. And I hate ppl who look down on me, who thinks I really don't know how to execute the tasks. Well I'll try my best even scurrying the net for the codes if I really need to.

That's the problem, they expect you to know everything...the day you enter to the work, assigns poured in, and if they think you don't know, they won't even give you. Well maybe I'm wrong, they won't even hire you I guess....I'm an intern here, so what the heck...just do my best to learna dn observe here.

I do hope to come back to intel again, but not right after I graduate, I really wanna pump up my skill sets first. It's a great place to work, but it requires a great set of skills and knowledge too.


Sista sista...haih...I do hope she'll change and be a better person someday, seems hard having her to nag me everyday. Till I wanna live on my own someday without relying on her.

Car...that's what I need, the rest can be settled, apartment can be rent...but transport...reli need it. hmm maybe working some place near first...

Future planning, sigh...I am really getting old.

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