Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Friends, how one should be

What a friend should be

Sweet words are easy to say,
Sweet things are easy to buy,
but sweet people are difficult to find.

Life ends when U stop dreaming,
Hope ends when U stop believing,
Love ends when U stop caring,
Friendship ends when U stop sharing.

So share this with
whom ever U consider a friend.
To love without condition,
To talk without intention,
To give without reason,
To care without expectation...
is the heart of a true friend.

I find this true. True friends are hard to come by these days.


At office as usual. Given a simple programming task today yet seems complicated to me. Sheesh, how noob-ish. I gotta admit I'm noob when it comes to programming. I wanna be a pro! Gimme those programming knowledge and skills dear God!

Darn, I wanna be a hardcore programmer. Please, it's something money can't buy in the IT field. It's better then gold or diamond, seriously. With it your career can bring you anywhere in BIG BIG companies, and I'm talking big, something like Intel, Shell, Dell etc.

Yet, I chose my destiny earlier on, in Business IS. Which was kinda stupid mistake, it's really a noob-ish way of running the fact you NEED programming in IT line, or you're just not IT enough. Such descrimination, sheesh... -.-

Ok for IT dudes out there who are taking IT, you won't regret taking up progrmaming courses or major, like Comp science or Soft Engineering. Just discard the fact that you hate programming and embrace it. Ya I know, ppl say you'll get headaches, cranking up your head solving bugs etc yada yada. But they are just trying to INFLUENCE you. Don't listen. See how successful these people are in Intel, I tell you...I'm damm freaking jealous at them, and I DON'T SEE ANY HEADACHES or displeasure in their work AT ALL. (REASON? they get paid freaking high...I give you some hints, it's always above RM5k after 5 years in intel, maybe more, managers easily get up to 10k)

So don't complain, take the challenging path...it's worth it.

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