Monday, July 17, 2006


I find this true, got it from a forwarded email.

How guys xpress their love!!!

When a GUY is quiet and is alone,
He's is thinking how good you're, Miss you!!!

When a GUY is lying on his bed,
He is thinking deeply why he loves you.

When a GUY looks at you in your eyes,
He wants to tell you how much he loves
you and how important you're.

When a GUY answers "I'm Fine" after
He is not and feels hurts.

When a GUY keep asking you the same
He is wondering why you are lying.

When a GUY hugs you while sleeping,
He is wishing that you belongs to him

When a GUY calls you everyday,
He Miss You and wants your attention.

When a GUY wants to see you everyday,
He cares for you and want to know how are you today.

When a GUY sms's u everyday,
He wants you to know he is fine.

When a GUY says I love you,
He really means it.

When a GUY says that he can't live
without you,
He has made up his mind that you are his
future wife.

When a GUY says "I Miss You",
He wants to see you immeditely.


Sheena said...

Dunno whether I should be profoundly delighted or profoundly disturbed at the fact that this is true of (most) guys.

David said...

yup. I guess it would be more profoundly disturbed for most girls.

Guys just love to camouflage, ego as they call it.

sheryl said...

"When a GUY answers "I'm Fine" after
He is not and feels hurts."

u oways tell me this... does it means u're not fine n feels hurt?? pls tell me if anything darl~~

David said...

^haha ^^"

No arh...I reli fine mer...ahem ahem...

sheryl said...

ahem ahem means?? aiks!! k la k la.. i know lo~~ hehe..