Monday, July 03, 2006

chatao china intel song

The Intel Song : We're a Happy Family!

I don't think I ever heard anything so ridiculous in my life. If my company would make me listen to something like this each morning to "motivate" me, I would either quit my job or end up mad.

Apparently this song is used in Intel’s internal training in China, as well as to boost employees’ morale during daily morning exercises. (Source:

Our operation is satisfaction,
We are sure perfection,
Quality we fair achievement we share,
For the staff Intel cares…

Intel, Intel,
The leading company,
Intel, Intel,
We work in harmony…

We are proud to say we lead all the way,
Technology today…
With a better show to the front we go,
Just watch us as we grow.

Intel, Intel,
The place for you to be,
Intel, Intel,
The happy family…

(source: )

Haha got this from a forwarded mail from my colleague. Funny stuff. China's Intel actually takes it for serious. Thank goodness we dont have to do it elsewhere.

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