Monday, July 24, 2006


Monday monday...the usual blues. At my laptop now with sleepy eyes...a tired body. But it was a great weekend getaway with my gf's family at Sg Wang Plaza and Sunway Pyramid.

It seems I spent alot during the weekends. $$$ just slips away... But I guess you don't get anything if you don't give for something. To have a gf means spending more, it's an undeniable fact that requires sacrifice, but in the end if you really love her, it's worth it. Love cannot be bought by money, and indeed it can be used to strengthen it. =)

Still working on my CFS, almost done with it. Wanna try some challenging project up my sleeves. I love challenges, it just fills my life with more meaning than going for something less risky or boring.

One day, I dream to be someone in someplace. Somewhere I really love and commit myself to working.

And for Sheryl, thanks for being there with me, even through tough times. Love you honey.


sheryl said...

hehe... another weekend coming... where r we goin to spend time together but not money?? haha...honey~~ thanks for being with me.. i love u so mucchhiie~~~

David said...

love u too mushy mushy mashi wiffy!