Friday, September 30, 2005

Genting trip

Well, this seems outdated. We went there last Saturday, 24th October 2005.

Was a great trip. Went through all the rides, I mean almost of them.

The sky cable car was neat, a bit scary, with the cable car hanging so high up in the air moving, a bit of a shake will sent the whole car shaking too.

Went into the ghost mansion, wat a scare, Ahh I'm scared, yea rite, for a 5 year old maybe.

Ripley's was cool. Saw many stuff, some on Tv. Can't imagine how weird people can be, doing stuffs just to enter TV. And some even inborn, with weird charateristics. Others are supernatural.

The rides, hmm adrenaline rushing. When it goes everywhere, up down left right sending your head spinning around. Kinda short. If it's on a weekday we prolly had a few times for each ride, now that sounds more challenging.

It was the most memorable trip in my life. Thanks to Halim, Ray and Gilbert for making it such a nice trip. Cheers.

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