Monday, September 05, 2005

Life, is always not a bed of roses.

3 sad things that happened:

1. A close friend that grew distant
2. Being rejected by someone I love
3. My ex gave me back all the things I gave her, bringing back old memories.

The above is enough to ruin the week that I had.

Yet I praise God that I learned a lot from it. And how glad do I feel that God has send so mnay wonderful people to comfort me adn to listen to me in times like these. Will never forget them, and indeed will repay them back for their kindness one day.

"Life isn't always a bed of roses."

True. Bad things do happen, and we have to be strong to face them.

Will keep praying to the Lord, for as St Paul said:

"It is when I am in the weakest state that I'm the strongest."

For indeed, the Lord is with him, and he became stronger, despite all the persecution he faced during his ministry.

Thank you Lord! Despite all this, I still feel you have never left me, to the state that I feel totally helpless and powerless, having my emotions inside torn me to pieces, yet there is always a light up there, and it is you Jesus. You are indeed my shepherd who will always seek out his sheep.

Time to end this. Better days and times are to come, and I'm sure after this I will end up stronger, and become a better person too.


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