Thursday, September 08, 2005

OMG, so long no update. To change from a "nice guy" to an "interesting guy"

Shiiiiiiit, I forgot to update sial!!

So long, seems like ages.

K back to my blog, here's a nice nice nice nice read.

Question: "Why nice guys are boring?"

Read this, you'll be amazed.

So, that's what I'm lacking, being tooo nice, like a wuss.

wuss /wUs/
· n. informal, chiefly N. Amer. a weak or ineffectual person.
– DERIVATIVES wussy n. (pl. wussies) & adj.
– ORIGIN 1980s: of unknown origin.

Ok, direct to the point lar, BORING! Like batu...I'm sure no guys would like to be a batu to a girl rite? Not asking you to be naughty lar, I mean to be interesting to a girl. Ahem, a GIRL. That's what I'm talking, or you'll always end up being lonely without those "girl" friends. Ok, it's somehow a way to court girls lar, I mean. :p

So guys! Start changing now, don't be boring to girls, treating them extra nice is always not the solution, rather it is making feel that you're interesting to know and talk with. Eh but please, don't become play-boy lar....lolz


Mr Disagree said...

and ur point is... ???
OMG,i am such a meanie!

David said...

shaddap, don't spam if you have nothing constructive to say.

Mr Disagree said...

im skedd! i wanna spam..dun care!

David said...