Friday, September 02, 2005


From now on, will be posting a bit about philosophy. What sort of outlook do I have on life, people and stuff. It's all basically what I think is right and viewed by the society and people.

The most important thing that I view about friends is this:

"You cannot be friends with everybody, it is better you take good care of yourself."

Indeed, it doesn't calls us to be selfish and be alone. No, it calls us to know that sometimes, "friends" are like a name given, too often too lightly. There are times when we just have to know that to stay away, not to get too close and not to force a friendship. Friendship is like something that happens naturally. We don't have to force ourselves to go and pursue a friendship when we feel uncomfortable and uneasy to. Yes, we can still call each other friends, what I mean is close friends, people that we often go out with, mingle with, encounter with etc etc.

Imagine if each of us tries to go out there and fish for friends. Gosh! We will be making tons of mistakes, mixing with the wrong people, getting influence by their negative way of life, getting push around, taking on bad habits etc. "It is wise to choose a friend, for a good one seldom comes by..." Always know what are your stands, principals, and your view on life. Always find common ground...

So how do we know when me and the other can be close friends? Well, simple. Just ask him or her, hey wanna have lunch together? Take down his/her number and go when both are free. Remember one rule though, never go out with him/her if you feel uncomfortable doing so...Still going on a couple of times, sometimes does change things. And who knows both of you might click just well.

Another thing is, not everyone can be closely connected to you. Getting too close is a risk too. That's when things such as getting sick and tired of the person usually occurs. So know when and which friend that you can really get close to. Read his/her body language, expression, and the way he/she communicates with you...

Remember, let it go natural. Conversations are very important in friendships. Actions and what you do is important too. So, if you behave well, leave a good impression, and make the person feel please, there will be some other time he/she will get back to you.

Another thing. Try never to mingle romance and friendship together. They are two very different things. A guy, mixing with a girl, is not a light thing to fool around with. Yes, going out as a group most of the time wont have any negative impact, it's when we go out one on one. Isn't that call dating? So if you aren't sure, don't try that, never play around with each other hearts.

So what if you mixed with a "bad" friend. Ok not too much to the extreme...Someone that you just can't tolerate, or feel fed up with, or just someone you can't bear to see, or even talk to sometime. Sometimes this can happen in the beginning of a friendship. That's when you have to accept and move on, more like giving each other some space. Malaysian culture is, giving tons of excuse of going out, got work to do, busy etc. That's good actually. Rather than forcing yourself in the end getting hurt or just feeling weird, out of place.

Remember, "each person is different". We are brought up in diffrent manners, diffrent ways, and all of us see life in many diffrent viewpoints. So learn to find someone you can "click" with. Now that's important.

The meaning of the word "friend" on Oxford dictionary:

· n.

1 a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations. Ø used in polite address to an acquaintance or stranger.
2 a familiar or helpful thing.
3 a person who supports a particular cause or organization: the Friends of the Welsh National Opera.
4 (in battle) an ally.
5 (Friend) a member of the Religious Society of Friends; a Quaker.
· v. archaic befriend.
– PHRASES be (or make) friends with be (or become) on friendly terms with. a friend at court a person in a position to use their influence on one’s behalf.
– DERIVATIVES friendless adj. friendship n.
– ORIGIN OE frUond, of Gmc origin; rel. to free.

Most importantly, always remember, take good care of yourself. And as a Christian, there is no other greater and closer friend than Jesus. Even if a person is without even a single friend in his life, he will always have Him.

"Jesus will always be your best friend, no matter what happens in your life."

K the end of the philosophy about friendship. That's how I view it.

Comments are always welcome...

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