Monday, September 12, 2005


Handed up on yesterday. And it's only the FIRST part. Next on the 22nd this month, I have to hand out the project proposal, and it is not certain whether it's be approve by UoP, my attached university. (UoP= University of Portsmouth, UK)

Third year, all about work, work and work. And self study, research, journals, and self help. Lecturers are like there to teach you, and the rest is up for you to do.

I wonder what it would be like to live in the time of our parents...

Going to class, coming back, maybe hanging around with friends. Working young, as most can't afford a degree, marrying young, having TV and radio as source of entertaiment, going to small cinemas to watch some movie.

And back to this age:

Staring at the comp the whole day, only going out for meals, class and friends. Going to some huge mall in the weekend. Struggling like mad in studies as almost everyone now has a degree at least. Watching Astro. Driving here and there. And having a complicated life.

Gee life is so much more simpler in the older days...

A reminder to myself:

I won't be talking about love and relationships, and all the complications and headaches it brings. I had enough of the word. So I'll shove it off for the time being, and rather take good care of myself and those around me.

"Being in love is complicated"
(at least for now, as if I have one now, I will not know where it is going. Married? How many more years? Financial, do I have a stable career? Will it end in some broken heart scenario?)

Well, at least I have my author who always love me, my greatest love...

A poem:

Dad, you love me more than anything,
Each night I lay and rest,
I converse with you,
And you always answer,
In tones that is always understanding...
I have many questions,
And you replied them all...
And sometimes even when I'm lonely,
You always remind me that you're there for me.
I have no other greater love,
Except for you dad...
Thank you Abba,
My beloved father.

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