Monday, September 05, 2005

Going positive

Allrite, first day of the week, Monday. Have to stay positive and think positive too. Time to make a change. And the first thing is to change my outlook and make it more positive. Time to think positive and be positive.

Everyone says we have to be positive, sometimes I wonder, does it matter? Look at the music industry these days. Things are going negative, look at the emerging of gothic songs, rocks songs, that mostly potrays the negative mood in the person. And yea I personally love some of them too, like Greenday, Eminem and Linkin Park. But do you wanna be like one of them?

Society is declining, so has the many outlook a person have in life has also changed greatly. In areas of romance especially, people potray it more to heartbreak, losses, and many other negativeness.

Well, I'm not going to be one of them. I wanna stay positive and think positive. How can you have a truly happy life with all these negativity? Sadness? You'll just keep sliding, and ended up in a depressing world of your own. Yea, I personally faced it, and it's not easy. The only way out is, pull yourself together and get out of the pitt. Get out of the square box of your own. Most importantly, pray, pray like your life depends on it.

"To be happy, the first thing is, smile..."

If you don't smile, how are you going to feel happy? Same goes with laughter, a dull person never laughs, he just stays serious, and will you be friend with such a person?

"To stay happy is to live a happy life."

True, it's all about the emotions inside. A poor man can be happier than a millionaire. How? It's because he feels happy, he don't struggle with earning tons of money a day, he just earns what he needs. He don't suffocate himself with all the riches of the world, and ended up worrying even more than before, or worrying about ever losing them. That's how he lives a happy life, by staying happy. Simple? Nope saying is harder than doing it. It need practice, lots of it, but first always keep your thoughts and emotions in check.

Like what Julius once said:
"Watch your thoughts,they become your words. Watch your words,they become your actions.Watch your actions,they become your character.Watch your character,they become your destiny..."

That's my philosophy for today, starting from now, will be staying positive, and living a happier life is my goal as long as I live.


David said...

omg not another advertisement...

Mr Disagree said...

someone mentioned abt taking a serious action??..eerr...

Anonymous said...

action speaks louder than words...