Thursday, September 08, 2005

Days that have been missing

Ok, here's a quick update of what had gone in the past few days of not updating, heuheu:

1. Doing assignment, HUCID, why is it sooooo huge????
2. Going out to eat with my roomies, darn what will I do without them??? Jaafar, *bluek, their service like snailmail, and the waiters reminds me of ahem, people who don't give a f*ck?
3. In room, play DOTA.
4. Surfing and chatting, darn that's lame.
5. Going out. Out out out...swimming rules.

K that's wat that went on.

Now, ready for sleep. And gonna tackle that huge HUCID assign and which after that tackle that complicated final year project proposal. Darn I find all of them interesting, which is why I love IT. It rocks like *toot*.

K. Will be sleeping early today, or I'll tapau the next day in class and group discussions.

Darn, how I wish I'm earning those big bucks in my job now...A degree!! Gimme one! gimme...!!!

*bluek, hopelessly working my way for a good degree(yeah rite...)

Good nitex you all! Sleep like a piece of log! Hehez. Ciaoz.

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