Saturday, September 03, 2005

This week sucks

Most horrible week.

My ex gave me back all the stuff that I gave her, I'm like wth?

Felt pissed with that...

Shitz, this week couldn't be any worse. 3 diffrent incidents that shocked me.

God please give me the grace to survive this weekend.

Shits happen in life, and sometimes lots of shits can happen in one time. Which sucks real bad.

Going off to watch The Cave soon. Hope it's nice, or I'll be cursing the producer of Matrix and Underworld. I need a movie that could make this week.


chowkueyteow said...

Hey dude, chill out seem to be going through a tough time lately...

All these events could be happening because God may want to see you trust in Him...I went through a "crisis" not too long ago, so to speak - I was VERY stressed out on how certain events were happening, and I finally realised after it had passed, all God wanted me to do was to trust in Him, and He even OVER-provided for me =)

Will say a short prayer for you...

God bless!

David said...

Thanks bro!

Will pray hard and trust in him. Sometimes life are always not a bed of roses, there are thorns on it too. Need to be strong and bear through all of it.

Will keep you well in my prayers. God bless.