Saturday, September 30, 2006

saturday....1 week after my internship over

I am a new person, as if a new being, born after a resurection, freedom is my cause.. as if a phoenix.

Heck, wth I'm toking about. -_-

Yea, feels so freee....I still havent reli start on FYP. Great amount of discipline. Can someone push me to do it? Use watever method, I dont long I get my ass off and start taking it serious.

FYP, as describe by Kate yesterday: "It is your baby, and now it seems to get more troublesome isn't it? I used to feel that way too. "

=.=" What does babies gotta do wth FYP. *sweats...

*X-files music playing*

twillight perio-rama in Final Year Project....

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