Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Just to explain what I'm doing currently..

Hehe, I know there are people out there really confuse over what I'm doing here, so I'm gonna start explaining in brief...hope you're ready for this:

About Me
Name: Tay Cheng Fong (David)
Age: 21
Place of study: Sunway University College
Course: BSc. (Hons) Degree in Business Information Systems, University of Portsmouth (3+0)
Graduation Date: December 2006

About MBS AD&S
MBS – Materials Business Solutions
AD&S – Application Development and Sustaining
Purpose: to develop, sustain and support apps that are used by Materials
Method used: Mostly using a methodology call XP and some conventional methodology like waterfall model.

1st Task
•Converting the old CFS into new SharePoint CFS
•transition of CFS
•Show demo to users
•Backup of CFS
Reason: to let the non technical users maintain the site themselves.

Old CFS:

New CFS:

2nd task:
XP Consultation
Longest project – 1 month of research
Main resource: ADUG (Agile Development User Group) in Intel
(XP is one of the many sub software methodologies of Agile)
Suggest improvements for our XP team
Focus on TFS, CI, and VersionOne.

An Example of an XP methodology explained in diagram (you can know more about it here and here):

Not going in depth, as CI is too complicated and TFS(click here) looks like some Visual Studio thingy. VersionOne you can learn more here (too expensive, price is scary)

So, I recommended my final resolution and they agreed to the plan, viola. Mission Accomplish. Consultancy is just something I might get into once I graduated.

Other things I have learn:
Given tasks to program in .NET
First time exposed to .NET
Learned C#,, SQL

*Other information are Intel's confidential.

Yup. That's all. =)

I've reveal what is "allowed" I guess, lol. Those are "some" of the things I did, I guess there is more.

Looking forward to working here one day, maybe in Intel Penang. Cyberjaya would be real lucky if I can get into. The site here is too small and very specific in terms of job (technical mostly, programmers etc)

I'm a pro-intel!! (AMD bluek pui pui) Nyahaha... XD

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