Saturday, September 16, 2006

my department's visit was awesome

Aweeesome...that's what I can say. It went on too well!! It was unbelievable.

I was like :O when my co-ordinator Sherly told me it was the best internship visit she ever attend and the best presentation so far...

Wow. Just blew my hats off...

Fantastic...she even said I could get an award for this...And Puvana said that she wants me to present it to the group of people in Sunway BIS course.

Collaboration, at first I thought it was gonna be bad..but it ended up great! Everything went smoothly and it was a good deal. Starting off with internship collboration, maybe 1-2 a year...going on for 3-5 years and move on to more collaboration in education, such as programmes, and talks etc...Intel may even visit Sunway's SCT one day, courtesy of Eng Hoo's call.

Wow. Sherly did it this time. I was so afraid that it was gonna fail, the collaboration.

And I didn't expect my presentation was that good! LOL XD Thanks to Ching Yee my manager for those extra editing with my slides and supervising me. ^^ She is not that bad after all!!


ms.bulat said...

congrats!!: D this must have been a really good day~~: D

David said...

lol best day of my life XD