Thursday, September 14, 2006

Gundam SEED Screenshots

^^ The reasons why I like Gundam....And the above is just Gundam SEED...gonna post up Gundam SEED Destiny pics.

The story of war is just amazing, telling how humanity should avoid it. The complexity that came with the ability of cloning/making perfect humans(genetic engineering), like one of the pilots above, Kira Yamato. His suffering of seeing those of his friends died...And he himself being forced to join the military. Since he is a perfect clone, he can handle a gundam perfectly(two gundams which he pilots are Gundam Strike and Freedom - both exceptionally agile becoz of his piloting skills). Yet he is a peacekeeper at heart, he wanted the wars to stop...and finally, he quit Zaft, and joined ORB, bringing in his good friend Athrun(also from Zaft)...and together fighting for a more peaceful Earth and space(Zaft has a satelite base orbitting earth, their homeland after being exile by clone-haters).

Touching storyline, exhilarating graphics all over Gundam SEED. The mechas are not the main characters, it the the people who pilot them. It is about politics, future politics that evolves not only humans, but the Zaft(genetically modified humans, not born of natural womb, but cloned in labs) against the normal humans(who are very jealous of them), and also the ORB(neutral party, having both clones and humans living in the city, where the main character Kira comes from and is sided with).

It is about good vs evil...and how we should all love one another like the ORBS, who won the war through neutrality, having a clear stand on issues like clones and humans living in peace.

Me collecting? Hehe all becoz I'm a fan of Gundam ;)

I hope the latest Gundam Eternity will be released soon. Heard it's gonna be better then SEED and Destiny.

*hugs all my favourite gundams..

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