Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Breakthrough with a tool

My colleague Kok Chung had some problem switching from the Team Explorer's Source Safe to Visual Source Safe 6.0. Now the problem is solved! Prevented him from the need to uninstall Team Explorer.

All thanks to the MSDN forum below:
MSDN Team Systems Forum

And the life saver link which the forummer gave me:
DevHawk Blog

It's so easy! XD Screenshots:

Love it! =D

Switching is just as easy as extracting the file, running the exe...choosing the desired Source Safe, and done! Wow amazing...



dee said...

Err...I wanted to ask...You mean ur now internship hopping?

David said...

Hi Dee,

I'm in my industrial, final week! Hopping? Like?

I'll be graduating fully by this December 15, after passing up my final year project...

I do get paid though, more like some allowance.

I'll really start working next year, if I'm lucky by January to March I would have secured a job.

Yup, that's about it. =)

Thanks for asking ;)