Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Google mania AD SENSE... $.$

Wow, will this actually work? This whole thing about Ad Sense on my blog? @.@

I'm seeing adverts... whoa...

And it's kinda cool! They actually send the checks to u monthly! (if there is ppl clicking on the ad sense...)

Haha unfortunetly I can't cheat by clicking on it. So u guys, do me a favour and click click k? Wanna see whether the money goes in... If you wanna learn how to set it up...tell me. Maybe u can make some money too with this...

This is so freaking cool way to make money, if it does work though. LOL. Imagine, you don't have to do a freaking thing to have some pocket money! and it's kinda a lot in US dollars. @.@

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