Monday, October 10, 2005

Thought for the day - relationship or single?

It's been about 2 months since my last break-up. Today a close friend told me to start looking for a gf, which strucked me. Which then I debated why a person like me would be hard, which he disagreed and told me that I'm am able.

Somehow, I do feel like, it's time. But guess sometimes it's best leaving it in the hands of God. I believe he knows what's best for me. No need to rush things. If somehow it happens, then I'll let it happen.

I'll just have to pray more about it. My church leaders have always asked me to consider being single for the time being and concentrating on my priorities, they have a point too, which I kinda agree.

Sometimes it can be so tiring, either being a single, or in a relationship.

I just hope to meet the love of my life one day, the person I would marry, rather than dwelling in relationships that would not lasts and holds no purpose in the end. Waiting for such a person, it seems like a lifetime...

I'll leave it in the hands of God, do pray for me my friends.

Like what Fr. OC Lim told me when I was in a relationship:
"That's good, but whatever it is, your study comes first."

And what Fr. Alloycious said during the Welcome Nite Mass:
"Do no be afraid to fall in love, it is when you do, then you'll know what it is like to love God."


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