Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sometimes I don't fully understand certain people. Why they just dislike you for the plain simple reason that they just oh well, dislikes you.

So I don't bother what people think about me anymore. It's all about acceptance. It's by accepting who he or she is, that's when friendships build up.

Ah anyway, I'm not that bad sort of person anyway, so don't tell me about changing, as I won't...

Has been a week, as usual, full of stories to share and experiences that I have went through, but can't seem to write it all here, just couldn't remember or bother to write all of it here, lol.

Oh yah, something interesting yesterday, I spilled coffee, all over my desk, and it's hot, imagine that, hot coffee on your laps and all over your mouse, keyboard and table and even the floor! Darn...well ended up have to wipe the whole thing off and wash the clothes. Messy messy..

Well that's life anyway, you do a mistake, and eventually you learn to wipe the mess off and learn not to repeat it again.

Had Passover Meal today...where we recall how the jews left Israel and also Christ suffering for us. Was more unusual as we had "extra" stuffs put in like "beef" which is suppose to taste like lamb and also some "guai ling gou", to replace the herosepth and bitter chocolates to replace the bitter herbs. To me, the most meanigful fellowship meal we had before.

I wonder what I'll do without CKK LOTN Lifeline. Guess I would join some other protestant churches by now. Thank God for such a blessing. Love all of them there, dedicated my whole college life for them.

Aiight that's all now, wanna take a sleep and start afresh with my proposal.


Mumble Scribble =) said... spilled over.. lucikly is not ginseng tea or bird nest soup..thank God for tht.. lol.. just kidding....add oil in ur proposal la ok?? dun laze around.. (",) ADD OIL.. and God bless for ur thingy.

David said...

yeees Jennifer.

thanks for stopping by ;)

Thank goodness the coffe is not that hot lolz.