Friday, October 28, 2005

Handling depression

Went through a book in MPH yesterday, something about depression, and come across the part of self help...

Kick the depression away, see it as a small imp clinging to your leg or hands, and imagine yourself kicking it away, maybe by kicking a football or just throwing something, like a used dolls into the chimney and see it disappear.

Don't feel guilty, or shame. These two are main factors of depression.

Find the trigger event, and wat causes it, and learn to overcome it by thinking positively. Don't let it trigger other things in your life.

Imagination plays a role in stopping depression. Don't let it control you. But think positively on how to handle it.


"Lord, grant me the grace to live a life directed to you today. Be with me and help me in all that I'm about to go through. Be part of my life and remove the depressions in my life, as I'm young, help me not to worry too much. Amen."

Taken from today's reflection:

“Heavenly Father, you set apart Israel as your chosen people. Thank you for taking me and grafting me to that beloved vine. Thank you for inserting me into your immense plan of salvation! Your faithful love knows no bounds!”

Psalm 94:12-15,17-18;Luke 14:1,7-1128

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