Monday, October 17, 2005

Done with my proposal

Yay! Passed up the final year project proposal. Coolness. Finally I'm done with it, yipeee.

Now will wait whether it's approve or not.

Darn, next Monday have to present the HUCID assignment in class. And I only started the Macromedia Director thing presentation, where we have to simulate the inputs and outputs of the application.

Sounds complicated? Wait till we pass up the whole thing, it will be mind blowing.

And ISMAN, I'm rather relax in that. Seems that the leader is contributing most of it. I've tried contributing more, but there are just some people who are well, having diffrent leadership styles, and doing all of it themselves is what they do best. No offence, I respect such people, known as soloist people. But still will try helping as much as I can and anything that he ask for. We'll have lots of business stuff in it, and diagram, business strategies and all that. Due date around December, so guess near that time we'll be pretty busy shaking our asses to complete it.

That's the parts and parcels in UoP. Next term will be even tougher...*sweats. Will have to put on my safety helmets and safety gear for that.

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Anonymous said...

hmm, did i do all everythings ?lol... no ?
don't worry so much la, if all members contribute, we dont need do much things

David said...

thanks yah. Will contribute as much as we can.