Monday, October 30, 2006

Things cant get any better

Just woke up, like from a night lack of sleep.

I want the usual old days, where I wake up for something, eiher a class or for work. Now, I wake up only to know my fyp is gonna be tough, and wondering would I do it today. Even so, how much?

I'm tired of it, tired of carrying this "baby" for 1 year 3 months. It gets really...bothersome. And it's not as easy said then done in finishing it, as if IT CANT BE FINISHED. Now that's the scary part. It's huge. I have no regrets not starting it earlier. How can I? Commitments, assignments, exams, industrial etc.

Well, one thing I don't understand. Why must we do an engineering project? We are meant to be doing study based. BIS students are just not cut out for programming. Never understood it.

Still, I will preservere, no matter wat. No matter if, during the next month I will be sleeping less doing it, skipping dota, digging my eyes staring at it. As long it is COMPLETED.

I seldom give up. I mean I don't. And I can't.

"O God, help me complete my project in due time. I'm sorry if I had been lazy or negligent, or just wasting time. I had tried O Lord, but many times failed to progress deeper with it. Help me manage my time, for there is little time left. All I ask is that I pass this final module dear God. Assist me in any way possible. And I will put on all my effort in it. Amen."

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