Wednesday, October 18, 2006

CNX sux

Useless CNX, *pipiaks CNX

I've been waiting the whole day just for them to fix it....till they close at 6pm....still cant freaking settle it...

it's just a simple "automatic private address" issue. It's either my line is blocked or....someone using router....or the server is really screwed up. But both of my other housemates can online!!! So means its effecting my physical address only? WTH???!!!!

Hey CNX, I paid my bills and everything, don't f**kin do this to me coz it's f**king unfair man. Go hunt down those who use routers and effect other people's network for godsake...

remember people...CNX....gosh I'm so gonna boycott them's their site:

I feel damm bodo. Now library gonna close adi...

Called them twice and problem not fixed. They deserve this shit.

^Say no to CNX

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