Tuesday, October 24, 2006

latest play list

Just writing down to help me remember....these guys are so hard to remember of...their names are so goddamm unique

Don't Dream It's Over(smallville theme song) - Sixpence

Say It Isn't So
Anyone of Us - Gareth Gates

High - James Blunt

These Words
I Bruise Easily- Natasha Bedingfield

Haih why so hard to remember the names one sometimes...am I dat old ar? Alot ppl say I forgot names and stuffs easily..

But I can easily remember what happened the previous days, or stuffs in the past! Funny huh :X


licia said...

u memang tua.. anyone who is older than me is tua..

and... haha.. like that also kenot remember.. HAHAHAHAHHAHA =PpPpPP

means ur brain hard disk sudah rosak. kenot store new datas.. can store old datas onli.. just liek my dying lappie's HDD T-T

David said...


so kua jiong meh... brain kenot change wei. How I wish it could x.x

so jahat say me like this... licia jahhhhhattttt ahhhh....

haih but i admit i v fast forget names wei.... T.T so sad...

licia said...

haha.. i can help u change ur brain if u want.. =D

replace with tau foo fah.. =D

David said...

dunwan taufu..

i wan energizer! =D

licia said...

dun think ur body can support energizer.. maklumlah orang tua mempunyai badan tua..

dee said...

Heh. Have you heard of dishwalla? I love them...

*ends promo* =)

WP said...

"Don't dream it's over" is Smallville's theme song? I never knew that... And anyway it's "Sixpence None The Richer", too lazy to write the whole thing ah? :P