Thursday, October 12, 2006

Nothing much to write on..

Seems so diffrent then comparing the time I was at Intel. I had so so much to write Seeshhh... almost nothing x.x

Sorry folks, just blank today... Just woke up and thinking, hmm wat should I write for my blog, answer is: I have ALMOST NOTHING good to write about..

Imagine waking up everyday without classes, and all it rings in the head is Final Year Project... Argh x.x

I wanna graduate and move on to the next phase of my life where I work for something, storing up money for a purpose and get settle down when the time is right. It's like this nature thing inside of me that is saying: "Ok enough of the study crap!!! Let's do something really meaningful"...That's why I'm planning to leave master aside till I'm ready and have something that I really wanna study, which is masters in management(requires at least 5 years of working experience from what I've heard).

I just had enough of all the IT crap which just makes you even crappier if you aren't the best in the technical field of it. (I am not, that's why I'm shifting away to something I really wanna do, be a manager some day and deal with people.)

That's all I guess. Don't wanna bore you reading to my thoughts. =P

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ms.bulat said...

aiyoh...what do you mean by bore ppl with your thoughts? ppl who care would wanna know and share. people who dont ..well they still care differently. no such thing as bore ppl okay. your thoughts are you as a whole : D