Sunday, October 15, 2006


Went karaoke with Rockyphang, Devince, Ah Wai and me...

It was like 3-7pm. First time I ever karaoke that LONG. They say I sang well... x.x But really I was just singing my usual...

Abit about my singing history. Well before I became a catholic, I was in this free church call Bretherens. They sort of can see that I have this singing talent during the time I sang in their Sunday church meeting. Ok so that was something adiii.... Then once I became a catholic, I had this passion to join their church choir which I did for one year. It was really nice... and the church choir lead always say I sing well: "good job david, you sang well" o.O Then I have to paiseh paiseh reply "thank you".

Don't ask me about it, I sendiri pun tak tau. I join those two newly also I sang and they praise me. Maybe it is talent. Haha but dont ask me to join competitions, I'm not that leng chai or my voice that captivating yet. I sing for church and for karaoke only haha!

I especially love to sing Jay Chou songs, they are so niceee... and yest I figure Maroon 5 was really well suited me too, after what devince said I sounded like them x.x

Haha the rock songs busted us out, very tiring! Simple Plan Shut Up and Zombie was nuts. We tried singing Aerosmith "I Could Stay Awake" (Armegedon) song too, that was also nuts! haha. But it was cool, lucky today I woke up with my sore throat gone, praise god.

Singing is my passion, I hope to join choir again once I have the time. ^^

Devince forgive me kay, just wanna be humble. =P

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