Saturday, March 27, 2010

at Kuantan for Ching Ming 清明节

Currently at home, Kuantan.

Missed the slow pace and relaxing life here... Distance between two places being not more than 5-10 minutes apart. Cheap and good food, and less crowded anywhere you go to... miss the opportunity of visiting the beach (Teluk Chempedak) as I assisted my mum settling her bills and chores this time.

Visited my dad's mortuary, did the Ching Ming 清明节 of prayers for him. Went with mum and 3rd sis and spent the morning there today. Although I'm a Catholic, yet it is okay to perform the rite if needed to (have consulted the priest on this). Hold the joss sticks, burn hell money etc... 2nd sis was not around as she has given birth to a daughter and is under maternity leave.

We do this every year since my grandparents time, but it's only the 5th year for honoring dad.

Dad passed away at age 54, and I still remembered I was completing final year at college at 2004 that time. The experience was a great change to our family, affected mum, all my sisters and me. It shook us as we didn't expect him to leave us so soon. He has did his fill of mistakes, but yet we still appreciate him for taking care and bringing us up.

Mum then had to take the position of dad and assist us to continue on our lives. Yet without dad's presence it's a big difference to us. Thus I have told others to love and appreciate their loved ones when they are still around (no matter how bad they are), rather than wait till the moment that they leave us, then it's too late.

Going back to KL tomorrow...