Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's officially over

I've tried my best... but couldn't save it from ruins...


just so disappointed with the whole thing.

She didn't give us a chance.

The things she said to me:
- you are a good guy, we have many things in common, but we aren't compatible
- there is alot to teach u bout relationships, and I can't go through that anymore
- some things you say and did unconsciously, coz it's u, I don't wanna change who you are.
- you are not the man I want, I want someone that's sociable, have many friends etc
- you are selfish at times, like when I wanted to go elsewhere, you've decided it... i've just followed and kept quiet to make u happy (she didn't mention them to me at that very moment, she said she gave me hints, so ok I did not take those "hints" seriously enough)
- you're self conscious, u always care how ppl look at you (sometimes I'm shy at places so I prefer to be some place else, is that wrong??)
- you always talk bout money and material stuffs, about ur achievements (I'm planning financially and not bout money!! I dont care bout them!! even if u have a million bucks doesnt mean I'll love u for it!! I spoke of my achievements and what I went thru becoz u are a fresh grad, I'm trying to help you by sharing my experiences and that u'll learn from it!!)
- I couldn't breathe when I'm with u... sometimes I wanted to talk but I end up letting u say it all... (my bad, then I told her I'm changing give me time, the next phone calls after that I did let her talk all she want first before I say something!!)

I'm speechless... guys and gals, tell me... is this all my fault?? She said it as if it's just me....

Things I have to say bout her:
- you always think you're right...
- you're stubborn at times, just refuse to listen!!
- you gave up so easily on us, when at first you say everything was well.
- we just know each other 1 week or more... give us time to know each other deeper!
- you just ignored me at times after that incident, u couldnt stand strong and face a new beginning... u still went back into that box of yours, refusing to break free and live free. Free of your thoughts, your nightmares, your worries.
- you say alot guys keep bugging you, friends advice u to break off and such... but do you know their real intentions? that they might be jealous of it and want it for themselves? that they might just want to advice to make u happy? cant u make ur own decisions on some things? You say friends and families helped u alot but will they be there forever till you're old??
- you said I didn't give u more space... too rush... fine we are taking things slow now and suddenly u wrote hurtly stuffs again and post it once more... just ending it abruptly again. What is wrong with you??

Done.. my rant is over... need this burden off my chest and hope you all get a clearer picture of what have happened. =.=

-End of a sad story of one that gave up too fast-

A poem to share:

When things go wrong
and sometimes they will
when the road you are struggling in
Is a twisted hill

When you need help
and the debts are high,
you want to smile
But you have to sigh

When care is pressing
you down a bit
rest if you must
But never quit

Life is hard
during its twists and turns
as everyone of us
Sometimes learns

And many a failure
will turn about
when we might have won
Had we stuck it out

Never give up
though the pace seems slow
you just may succeed
With another blow

You never can tell
how close you are
it may be near
and still seem so far

Stick to the fight
when at your hardest hit
its when things seem worse
That you must never quit




Angel On Earth said...

chill david....

You lucky she left u.. i'm saying from the bottom of my brain/heart.

U'll meet a better 1...im serious xD

Jules said...

it takes 2 to clap, and sounds like she is unwillingly to do so with u. this seems one-sided and there's no compromise. u've tried ur best, but if she's unwilling to cooperate and go thru the journey with u, then no matter how u try, it wouldn't work out. take it easy didi, i'm only on msn if u need to rant for a girl's pov :)

David said...

thanks angel.. i appreciate it :) guess she will appear one day just that need to wait for the her.. the right one.

yea no point i clap myself.. and no point i be with a girl that refuse to walk with me till the end.

Sara said...

I don't know what to say. I can only say, we shouldn't have started without knowing each other properly.

My initial thought was to understand you more, know you deeply before really step into loving r'ship but I guess you cant wait. Wanting to make everything going on jet plane's speed.

It's my mistake that I didn't press on strictly that I need everything to be slow. Real slow. But you agreed by the way.

Just that night I agreed to give a chance to know each other again as being friends first but you can't treat me as a friend. SMS-ing me is not a problem but calling me and asking me to do things what a couple should do. I just can't for the moment. I feel stressed out and scared ok?

You said you're taking things very slowly. Would you mind telling your fella friends how slow is slow? Or what's your definition of 'slow'?

I can only say I am sorry now. I really tried. Just in case you don't know me that well yet. I am not a person who will just give in easily without giving my best. I leave you fast just because the shorter pain it is, the better for both of us. I don't want to waste your time and money ok?

Take care and its my pleasure to have known you. God bless..