Monday, March 08, 2010

going out @ the weekends - 2 movies!!

suddenly woke up.. decided to update my blog a bit.

was busy for the past 2 days spending time with roy... my ex roomate in college last time :) We had crazy memories together while at college and we used to go movies, eat lunch, shop at the malls with other roomates as well, and pitting each other while watching the football leagues (I was with Chealsea while he's a supporter of Arsenal). Was closely knitted till Roy went back to Malacca to work. Haha after the 2 days of traffic jam here and there sitting in my car... he is thinking twice about really migrating here to work XD will leave that up to him as there are pros and cons.... since he said working at Malacca is getting boring.... and he needs some life. LOL. He'll get lots of it if he really make up his mind migrating here =P and lots of TRAFFIC JAM too XD

went to malls, watch movies, chat at starbucks, update each other, gossips wahahaha...

met his fren Rachel on Sunday.. she had a cool tan o.O nice fren of Roy's. We watched a total of two movies altogether in 2 days time, Solomon Kane and Invictus.

My advice, avoid Solomon Kane if you are not a fan of Van-Helsing-like movies, as it is one of them focusing on the hero alot. Can get pretty boring fast... but he was a good actor and the story is so-so... above the usual B grade movie.

As for Invictus, it is a must watch. Very inspiring movie about the politician Nelson Mendela. Ex president for South Africa, it shows how he fought apartheid, racism, bringing up the nation, and uniting all of them via 1 game... Rugby. Matt Damon was a star in this movie too bringing it up with his superb act as the national Rugby team's captain. Clint Eastwood is the director here and I heard he's been making good movies... so far this is my first watching his directed film o.O It is based on a true story on events of 1995 when South Africa won the Rugby world cup against all odds including beating the top team All Blacks of New Zealand.

One trustable site that made me decide to go ahead with this movie:
(it had a high score of fresh 77%, which is usually true)

At first I didn't want to watch it at all seeing that it had alot to do with politics, and I'm not interested in the game of Rugby?? lol lol... but Roy made me watch it saying it's nice and so on.. good critics... so at last I just went with him. He asked me in the end, "so, is it nice? I didn't lie rite?" and I answered, "Yea, it's damn good.". I felt it's really inspiring and has a deep moral storyline in it, applicable for all of us living our lives these days. =)

For those planning to watch... you'll enjoy it.

K back to bed now till 6.15am ahhaa... gnite buddies ;)

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