Saturday, March 20, 2010

Drink till KO-ed

Organized an event for my team's team building for the quarter... It was at Redbox IOI Mall. The place was cool, new location barely a year, buffet was the best among all Redbox I've been so far, nice staff service.

Had lots of singing and got tapao-ed once again for drinking over my limit. Let me count what I had: few cups of whisky+coke, tequila shots, beer @@

Haih dunno why I can so easily KO-ed in any drinking sessions... I actually vomited 5 times during this one. Last one I went through this was last year during a supervisor's exit from my previous company, it was during a farewell at a club. Haha... my ex colleagues all know my limit after some time and even take the cups off me when they see my condition reaching my limit.

Went and did some search and found this @@

Got so serious?? well anyway I rarely drink...even if I do I have to control myself. Yet, I can't imagine a life without any alcohol :S That would be weird.

Signs when I should stop drinking:
-start to feel my inside getting filled up.. like lots of gas after drinking alot of Soda.
-face getting too red for too long (yes I will be so red till nicknamed as "Tomatoman" lol... followed my mum's genes I guess, all my 3 sisters, mum and me have that symptom, we get real red even after a bit of alcohol.)
-lacking focus
-getting uncomfortable
-final warning sign is when I feel like wanna puke.. I should really stop after that.

The singing part for yest event was good tho... haha first time I sang till I did not wanna sing anymore... got tired!! due to the fact that the whole thing was from 6pm till 3am?! LOL...

Kudos to everyone for making it happen yesterday! Cheers~~

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