Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Newcomers to my blog, qiki, devince and xcute | About work

Haha have to welcome these three...from kbox! One big family as usual.

Qiki - the bulat that hate lalats
Devince - Nursey panda bamboo bear
xcute - the lil gal who is always cute

Thanks for coming over and (spam spam!)enjoy yourself...lol.

You've made my blog a more merrier place then ever. =D

And of course, to the other half, Sheryl who have been always motivating me on updating my blog! thanks so muchie...

You ppl rawks!


About my work

My meetings are at 8am these days, from Tuesday to Thursday, while Monday and Friday it'll be from 10am till 11am. On the other hand, annual Bi-weekly staff meetings will be held every two weeks once at 7am on Friday mornings. @.@

The only day that I look forward to is...futsal on Monday! The other days will fly by real fast after that, Tuesday, Wednesday and so forth.

The pros and cons working in big companies such as Intel:
i. You get to learn a lot, I mean a lot....
ii. Pay, not as much as petrochemical companies or bigger ones, but it is considered good.
iii. They are professionals. Or acting like one. Some are nice ^^
iv. You'll be happy, as it is a multi national global company, if you can handle it.
i. politics @.@
ii. lots of meetings, some are early if you're not lucky
iii. workload - like gunung ledang, or worst, mount everest if you are of higher rank
iv. headaches (when you cant solve something)
v. people... the biggest headaches
vi. pride, too much, till it just irritates you in certain ppl!
viii. some people like me, who don't see money as motivation, or whatever multi
national global bs...I still see whether or not I'm happy here and whether I am of use, and
able to commit myself to the company, that is truly what drives me.

Ok maybe you're conculding I'm not happy here in Intel (as an intern mind u). Yea it's kinda a nice place to work, but I'm pretty sure somewhere out there, there are other better companies that are just waiting for you to explore. I'm not like some people, who takes intel as their whole life and like owing Intel something sorta stuff. Nope, I wanna see what's out there, getting expose to how other organizations deal with their business and employees.

My prayer now, is to enter some other company out there who would value my skillsets and my ability to contribute, and to br able to trust in me. I dunno which, but I just hope I would be happy working there...

(and certainly...never ever a developer/programmer role anymore)

Do wish me luck and keep me in your prayers. Love you all!


ms.bulat said...

really need good luck~~ ur con list so long LOL. but its the lidat de lorh~~ yeayea jia you david!!~ so you get money cheng us makan~~ with ur ger kekeke

Ricky Tan said...

apa nursey panda!!! u wanna die izzit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David said...

qiki, hehe thanks. Will work hard if really one day too much money sure belanja u all makan wan keke XD

devince, what die die...choi...haha that nick u have to ask beve ohh...not I cipta wan lol.

David said...



bluek bluek...


Ricky Tan said...

then u need not to say it out *grrrr*
*throw david with a lots of acid bubble*