Monday, August 07, 2006

Am I exhausted?

I thought I would be refreshed after the weekends, but ended up feeling tired today.

Weekends was going out pn saturday, but we went back earlier as we both felt sleepy. I realised she had some flu and cough too in the cinema. Glad that she's almost recovered now.

Then on sunday it was at her house helping out with her assignment and folding those prayer papers(they are about to visit their ancestors I guess).

So here I am, back in office. Slept at 9.30pm last night although I went to bed at 8.30pm. x.x

Now I'm feeling even more tired. Maybe I need some of those chinese herb medicine drinks for extra energy.

Gosh, working life.


sheryl@babe said...

wah... u went on bed at 8.30, but slept at 9.30??.. y geh?? same like me?? hmm... but mine different, went on bed at 1something.. slept at 2something.. aih~~ hehe... u larr!!!
sorry err... i owe u something for so long jo.... i'll remember next time yah??

David said...

haha ok dear..

mmm take your time to finish it. The longer I wait the more meaningful =P