Thursday, August 24, 2006

Farewell GIKI interns

Our company had a farewell lunch for the GIKI(Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute) interns.

It was a memoriable one. I got to know all 4 of them and it completely changed my perspective of Pakistanis. They are not of the usual class...well educated and from the top university in Pakistan mind you. Their programming and IT skills are way way ahead compared to me or any local graduate in my opinion. And they are only year 2 students!!!

Sigh, see how far other countries like Pakistan have progress in higher education. I've even heard that Microsoft came to their university to hire 2 students there before.

The 4 interns, farewell and take care. We will remember you fondly at Intel.

The pics at the farewell lunch:

ps. I'll remember to smile more next time =P

It was at an Italian restaurant. The speghetti and pizzas was memoriable

Farewell and all da best in your studies! =D


ms.bulat said...

tit tit tit*
lengluis spotted!!!: D
but i cannot see u de davidbaisers!!O_o

David said...

haha all married adi ler the leng

me ar? the one wearing specs look the the pic with my hun one...cannot find?

sheryl said...

i saw u , i saw u!!! keke~~~~

David said...

haha...hehe so bijak!! *hugs

sheryl said...

sure i'm bijak!!!! kekek~~~~~ coz i'm ur hun merr~~~ *winks*

David said...

lolssss... =P